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About US

Berry Home Inspections is a certified business with one goal in mind-helping the home buyers buy a healthy home. The health of the home is an essential determinant when buying or selling a house. We have good numbers of satisfied customers in Southwest Missouri that have saved money on post-purchase repairs to maintain and care for their home for long years after the home inspection. With 20 plus years of experience in home construction services, you can be assured that Berry Home Inspections offers families a peace of mind while buying/selling a home.

Berry Home Inspections says that buying a home is a notable investment and a dream come true for many. We help you understand what you are purchasing and if the purchase is right for you and your family. Not only buying, but we assists you in selling your home with a pre-sell inspection to get a better valuation of what repairs need to be made prior to selling your home.

With the notable investment of a home purchase ahead, take a small step by calling us today to receive a quote, or get some more information.

A quality home inspection can last a lifetime.


Ethics and Technology

Berry home inspection believes in perfection. We use Report Host Software, the original and still the best inspection software on the planet. Berry Home Inspections has a responsibility to report the results of the inspection in a fair, impartial, and professional manner, avoiding conflicts of interest.

5 star rating

We are best at delivering customer-centric services to keep our customers delighted with us. Our inspectors offer services to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

comprehensive process

Berry Home Inspections starts your inspection at the highest point of the home and finishes at the lowest part while inspecting everything in-between. In the end, you get a user friendly report that is easy to navigate.


We inspect the residential home, multi-unit complexes, new constructions, old houses, and pre-listing homes.


Berry Home Inspection complies with American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standards of practice for all kinds of home inspections to protect your investment and hard-earned money.


Berry Home termite inspections are carried out by experienced termite experts who are equipped with in depth termite-knowledge and local expertise.


An inexpensive Radon test offered by Berry Home Inspections can help clients to have peace of mind, whether for the existing house or for a prospective purchase.